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Lulu Kirsten from France
Give him a follow, one of the most consistent and proactive tumblr’s I follow. Amazing film and digi work


R.I.P Shawn Whisenant

Shawn Whisenant was both a friend and family to many. His positivity motivated people, while his creativity inspired a generation of artists, graffiti writers and street photographers. Shawn always had a smile on his face, a camera in his hand and Kupie dog following closely behind him on her leash, ready to take on the ever changing world that was always simultaneously unfolding at Shawn’s fingertips as he walked the streets of San Francisco. 

It brings me to tears to say goodbye to such an amazing human, friend, artist and photographer. Shawn was like a brother to me. He showed me San Francisco like no one else could and introduced me to a culture that is forever embedded in my soul. Today we say goodbye to Shawn Whisenant, but tomorrow we will remember him for the amazing person he was, the things that he stood for and the accomplishments he made.

We Love You Shawn Whisenant. Rest In Peace My Brother…

• Jarod Taber

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